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Affordable housing is not simply about buildings and assets, but people and dignity as well. We take pride in providing quality homes for those with limited resources. We believe this is good for the neighborhoods where we work and live, as well as for our community.

Few areas of residential real estate are more complex than regulatory compliance of affordable housing properties. That’s why we make your regulatory compliance one of our highest priorities. Our expertise spans the entire affordable housing regulatory spectrum and provides support, training, and monitoring for section 42 low income housing tax credits (LIHTC), tax exempt bond developments, project based section 8, HOME and PHA programs. We maintain a sterling reputation by prioritizing compliance and offering comprehensive services.

Preston’s management services for affordable housing communities include file reviews, desk and on-site audits, technical assistance, training, and working with enforcement authorities, such as lenders, government agencies, and investors. Our highly trained, specialized compliance team goes above and beyond in its services to affordable housing communities which reaps dividends for our clients.