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Compliance Services

The Preston Management team, with years of experience in compliance and regulatory reporting for low income housing, provides each client with confidence and trust in knowing that compliance reporting is done accurately and timely.

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of Preston Management is to manage your property professionally, economically, and efficiently as if we were the owner. We strive for a quality experience. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss our professional services

Trust/Confidence Accomplished Through:
• Thoroughly understanding Federal and State requirements
• Staying abreast of updates and changes in laws and requirements
• Successfully managing compliance programs
• Strong working relationship with state and local agencies

Reporting Programs and Services Offered
• TDHCA - Compliance Audits
• AHDP - System implementation
• LIHTC - State-of-the-art online reporting and monitoring
• Bond - Program-specific training for onsite staff
• Section 8 - Personal interaction with State, reporting agency, and owners